An ICL & UN-Habitat joint initiative
UN-Habitat and International City Leaders (ICL) launched the City Prosperity Initiative for Metropolitan Cities (CPI­-MC), which aims to promote innovative approaches to urban governance and management to assist metropolitan leaders in guiding their cities towards economically, socially, politically and environmentally prosperous urban fu­tures. 

The CPI-MC projects include: 

Global City Report

The Global City Report is the starting point for the comparison of cities, using a limited number of indicators that are representative of Prosperity and Sustainable Urban Development; it enables city authorities and the general public to identify opportunities and potential areas of intervention for their cities to become more prosperous. This is the first report of 2015 and has been published on the UN-Habitat website. 

Best Practices

The "Best Practice" project aims to define criteria for best practice identification and selection in order to create a database on best practices that can contribute to city prosperity implementation. 

Mayoral Fellowship
The Mayoral Fellowship is a new and unique international recognition of the importance of city leaders' innovation, creativity and leadership towards city prosperity, and of mayors who have shown exemplary commitment to improve the state of their cities. 

International City Leaders Financial Summit
International City Leaders (ICL) and UN-Habitat will jointly host the International City Leaders Financial Summit in June 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland. 
This international event is an annual meeting that will be an opportunity to discuss, collaborate, and edu­cate on all matters regarding municipal finance, urban development, and the local challenges cities face. It will have a specific focus on the urban economy, municipal banking, and financial management. These will be discussed as tools for city leaders to increase their capacity for the implementation of the action plans developed from the analysis of their City Prosperity Indexes. 

CPI-MC Global Fund
The Global Fund for The City Prosperity Initiative will assist CPI member cities in implementing the out­puts of the CPI such as policy reforms and action plans. It will also facilitate a deeper dialogue on enhanc­ing municipal financing and banking. 

CPI-MC Pilot Project
The City Prosperity Initiative for Metropolitan Cities (CPI-MC) pilot project is the first of its kind in working with a pilot city towards the improvement of its prosperity. This is done through policy recommendation and action plans that are based on the evidence and diagnosis obtained thought the framework of the CPI-MC and its index. Within the framework of this cooperation, ICL and UN-Habitat seek to provide tech­nical and substantive support to the municipal area in order to improve the prosperity level of the city to transform it into a thriving, equitable and productive city with higher levels of quality of life. 


In collaboration with UNDP
The United Nations Sustainable Development Summit adopted a new framework to guide development efforts between 2015 and 2030. This Agenda contains 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs address the social, economic and environmental dimensions of development, as well as means of implementation. 

At ICL, our main focus is the Urban SDGs. These are the goals that have an urban component, and in particular Goal 11-Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. 
This is the first-ever international agreement on urban-specific development, where cities are acknowledged as a funda­mental precondition, and 'the engine' for sustainable development. 
The UN-Habitat City Prosperity Initiative (CPI) has the potential to be a global framework for the indicators and targets of Goal 11. It is a monitoring framework firmly grounded on established principles and sound statistical practices that en­ables the tracking of progress and ensures accountability towards the implementation of the 2030 development agenda. In 2016, ICL is hosting a series of meetings and conferences to inform city leaders on the SDGs, to provide a space for dialogue on their implementation, and to demonstrate the potential use of the CPI as a framework for indicators and targets of Goal 11.  In April 2016, ICI hosted a Roundtable Discussion for city leaders on the Sustainable Development Goals; from theory into practice, in Toronto, Canada. 
In 2017, ICL will host an international conference on Applying the CPI to Achieve SDGs. 

Jointly with UN Global Compact
The UN Global Compact is the world's largest voluntary corporate responsibility initiative with over 12,000 signatories in 145 countries committing to ten universally accepted principles. 
It is a call to companies to align strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, and take actions that advance societal goals and it believes it's possible to create a sustainable and inclusive global economy that delivers lasting benefits to people, communities and markets. 
As a UN Global Compact signatory, ICL embraces, supports and enacts a set of core values in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. 

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